Do you have any of the following needs in your organization right now??

  • Respond to pressure from your executive suite for specific performance metrics?

  • Determine a baseline for comparisons after the recent economic turmoil?

  • Increase employee engagement?

  • Produce more output with fewer employees?

  • Attract and retain qualified employees?

  • Cut labour and G & A costs?

  • Identify Value for Money in your Human Resource programs?

  • Gain operational support for some critical HR initiatives e.g. training, staffing, rewards?

If you need ANY of these, then

The Human Capital Benchmarking Survey

can help you

Increase the Return on Investment in your Human Capital and:

  • Shareholder Value

  • Effective Use of all Resources

  • Engaged Productive Employees

  • Customer Retention

  • Direct links between performance and rewards



This report provides is based on a foundation of over 20 years of comprehensive of Canadian Human Capital benchmarking data available.  These unique measures including Return on Investment (ROI) of Human Capital can be used to evaluate the productivity of your Human Assets and to set objectives for your human capital management function.  

Key Metric Areas and Samples of Data Required:  

HR Issues

HCB Index Metric

Data Required


Replacement Rate (by category)
Number of Days to Hire (by category)
% of offers accepted (by category)

External Hire data by category


Voluntary Separation Rate by Job Category
Voluntary Separation Rate by Years of Service

By category, service and high performers


Average Age/Service per Occupation

Age and service by category


Compensation Revenue Factor
Compensation Expense Factor
Total Compensation Revenue Factor
Total Compensation Expense Factor

Compensation total $ by category
Revenues, Operating Expenses


Benefits Revenue Factor
Benefits Expense Factor

Benefits total $ Revenues, Operating Expenses


Internal Accession/Mobility Rate by Job Category
Internal Accession/Mobility Rate by High Potential

Employee transfers/promotions by category By high potential


Overall High Performance Ratio

% Of High performers and type of Performance system

Employee Capability

Training Investment Percent
Training Investment Value/Headcount

Cost of Training by category


Human Capital Return on Investment

Revenues, Operating Expenses Comp and Benefits costs


Total Labour Cost Revenue Factor
In source/ Outsource Ratios

FTE’s by job category and divisions Compensation data by job category

Organizational Effectiveness

Revenue Factor /FTE
Expense Factor /FTE
Income Factor /FTE
Human Value Added ($ Revenue/employee)

Headcount by job category and divisions Revenues, Operating Expenses Headcount by job category and divisions Comp and Benefits costs

Health and Safety

H & S Accidents and Recovery Ratio

Accidents and Recovery stats

Industrial Relations

Grievances Faced/Settled

Grievance Data

HR Ratios

HR Expense Percent
HR Headcount Ratios

HR Expenses by category
HR headcount

Employee Engagement

Overall Employee Engagement Rating

Engagement/Satisfaction Survey results in several categories


  • Custom Comparison of Your Organization’s metrics to your industry.  See Custom Comparison Chart Sample.
  • HCB Index Summary Report - The HCB INDEX is an overall indicator identifying an organization’s ability to attract, retain, develop and access the Human Capital potential of their employees.  See below.

  • HCB Summary Report, which provides recommendations on HOW to identify the HR programs that will provide the greatest Return on Investment.  See sample Summary Report.

  • Summary of All Industry Key metrics.

Sample Chart from the HCB Index Report



The data contained in the report is to identify areas where the business is not operating at efficient levels compared to industry competitors.  Once problems are identified, action can be initiated to increase performance, increase staff retention, and ultimately promote employee engagement and loyalty.

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In today’s economic climate, it has been increasingly important for organizations to maximize all of their resources (including Human Capital) in the most effective manner. Combined with the changing face of demographics creating skill shortages in many industries, companies are challenged in many ways with managing staff costs effectively.  Improving the bottom line is increasingly important as over 90% of companies today are using short-term incentives to reward, retain and motivate staff.   With the shifting focus on corporate governance, scrutiny on profitability and headcount, the measurement of Return on Investment (ROI) is increasingly important as well as the value of “tangible assets”. 

The most challenging of all assets to measure and manage is Human Capital, and the effectiveness of Human Resource programs.   Research in the last few years has demonstrated that there are clear links between the effective use of Human Capital and enterprise effectiveness.  The increased alignment of these linkages supports a strategic HR focus and positive ROI on Human Capital and Organizational Effectiveness.  

Built upon the pioneering research on business metrics done by Dr. Jac Fitz-Enz, The Wynford Group has continued to refine these ratios that have lead the field in developing tools and techniques for measuring the worth of human assets and the bottom-line contributions of well managed, high performing organizations in major economic sectors.  These comprehensive valuation measures are available in Canada ONLY in the Human Capital Benchmarking Survey conducted by The Wynford Group

Why Human Capital Valuation?


High performing organizations use HCB metrics to increase:


Shareholder Value


Effective Use of all Resources


Customer Retention


Engaged Productive Employees


Links to Balanced Scorecard

The Human Capital Value Creation Chain

The Wynford Group has identified some clear linkages between critical Issues that affect the productivity of Human Capital and specific measures Human Capital measures that can be used to diagnose areas of opportunity for increased value creation by employing Human Capital more effectively.  The following measures have been identified as diagnostic metrics for their associated Human Capital issues:




The Wynford Group has over 22 years of expertise in designing, conducting and providing statistical and trend analysis for surveys ranging from comprehensive client feedback to specialized skills for clients in all industry sectors.


Using state of the art technology and a web-based delivery system, our surveys are designed to help organizations stay current with the market place, and plan strategies that will ensure the success of your organization through leading-edge people practices.

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