Accountability Bands / Accountability Banding Classification (ABC)

An innovative approach to align

  • Organizational Design,

  • Role Clarity, and

  • Job Evaluation.

Accountability Banding is an alternative approach to conventional job evaluation methodology.

Accountability Banding is based on the premise that the value of a job to an organization is related to its accountability (i.e. decision-making) requirements.  All jobs, regardless of organizational level, have value in an organization in proportion to the importance of their accountability related to the achievement of the organization's objectives.  In order to perform any work in an organization, decisions must be made regarding what is to be done, how it will be done, and when.  Accountability is derived form the scope and type of decision-making required for a particular job or role.  This characteristic is universal, applying to all jobs.

Accountability Banding recognizes various "accountability levels" in an organizational context which form a job worth hierarchy construct, with each "accountability band" being a derivative of the next higher accountability band.  This methodology can be adapted to an organization's unique structural, operational and cultural requirements through the incorporation of additional subfactors.

The Wynford Group's Accountability Banding is logical and explainable and universally applicable to all jobs, from the top of any organization to the bottom, encompassing technical and non-technical positions, managerial, clerical, union and non-union positions.  In addition, Accountability Banding is very intuitive and easily understood by employees at all responsibility levels in an organization.

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