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Organizations of all sizes rely on our Canadian Salary Survey data to help navigate and manage the varying complexities and changes with handling pay administration. Our surveys are designed to meet your compensation benchmarking needs and provide you with the relevant insights to assess your competitive market positioning:

Survey live: End of March 2024
Survey due: End of June 2024
Survey results: Fall 2024

Database Scope

Compensation elements

Base salary
Salary range structure
Annual incentive bonus (target and actual)
Target cash (target and actual)
Long-term incentives
Total direct compensation

Analyzed by

Employer Benefits

Organization size (revenue)
Health benefits
Group Insurance
Retirement savings


COMPASS® Custom Reporting Tool is a feature that only our customers have access to. COMPASS® complements our standard reports and allows our participants to analyze the data in more depth by selecting applicable peer group comparators. Our analytics tool allows for:

Data segmentation by position, location, industry, organization size and/or other combinations
Comparison analysis perspectives to assess your data against the market
Market aging and immediate data extraction files to download

Get the most out of your compensation information and steer your organization in the right direction. Click here for more information on COMPASS®. Alternatively, contact us today to speak with one of our analysts that utilize COMPASS® on a daily basis.