Selected positions from a cross section of our CSS Surveys that are common in smaller businesses

Survey Features

104 Positions in 39 Job Families

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4 Divisions:

  • Executive
  • Professional & Administrative
  • Supply Chain & Manufacturing
  • Technical

Value of Wynford Surveys

  • Over 400,000 Data Points
  • Discount for Multiple Survey Purchases
  • Access to the Employer Practices Report (Value of $850)
  • 2020 Highlight: Streamlined Employer Practices questionnaire
  • COMPASS Custom Online Reporting Tool (Value of $1250)
Comprehensive Employer Practices Report includes:
  • Regional differentials
  • Incentive and retention program data
  • Hours of work, overtime rates, shift premiums, allowances
  • Industry-specific actual and projected salary budget increases
Wynford's proprietary COMPASS Custom Reporting Tool is a feature that only our customers have access to. COMPASS complements our standard reports and allows our participants to analyze the data in more depth by selecting applicable peer group comparators. The powerful tool allows our customers to:

  • Cut down the databases by: location, industry, and revenue size or any combination therein
  • Develop specific market comparator groups
  • Compare your data against the markets
  • Perform year-over-year analysis
Get the most out of your compensation information and steer your organization in the right direction. Click HERE for a short tutorial on how to use COMPASS. Alternatively, contact us today to speak with one of our analysts that utilize COMPASS on a daily basis.
Survey Positions
EXECUTIVE (9 positions)
TECHNICAL (20 positions)